Planning a wedding ~ First step ~ Dream

This may seem silly or obvious, depending on your point of view.   Most of the women, I’ve known, spent a lot of time dreaming about their big day before the person of our dreams materialized.

If this is you- Go through your scrap book again. Pick out the gems, toss the ‘what was I thinking?’ ideas and see how much of it still applies.

Not you?- It’s time to start.  No holds barred, what does your ideal wedding look like? Where? When? What are you wearing?

This is not the time to worry about what anyone else is going to think, except maybe your intended. The hope is that this will be the only wedding you ever have, barring vow renewals. So look deep. What does your heart say?

If you’re not all ready, I suggest signing on to Pinterest. Why Pinterest? Because most of the bridal and wedding sites all ready have ‘pin it’ buttons. The site is easy to understand and organize. Be careful though, hours can be lost searching Pinterest.  Another reason I suggest them is you can find all sorts of wonders there, and there is no messy notebook or file folder to deal with. Want to take your pins with you shopping? There’s an Ap for that!

Questions your dreams will answer:  What time of year?  Big or Small. Inside or Out. Venue only or Church/Temple and Venue. Formal, casual or somewhere in between. Don’t forget invitations, which will set the tone of the day.

The internet is a good dream zone. Good sites for ideas? Etsy, Allure, Pinterest, are among a few. My shoppe is on Etsy so I’m partial.

Don’t order anything while you dream. Gathering ideas can create confusion, and don’t fall into panic mode. If I don’t get it now, it will be gone.  Perhaps. And perhaps you’ll end up with a bunch of odds and ends that don’t fit together very well.  That is a waste of your precious budget, which probably isn’t known yet.  Dream, Gather, and gather some more.


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