Dreams in order – Step two of planning a wedding

Now that you have an idea of what sort of wedding day you want to have, let’s talk about dates.  Not very glamorous, but none the less very important.

A wedding CAN be planned on short notice, however, for all involved please don’t do that.

My daughter gave me nine months notice. Invitations were hurriedly sent out, several people were missed in the rush. That’s hard to apologize for.

We were all frazzled, and she ended up getting married the day after the one she wanted because the venue was booked. The venue was more important than the date to her.  It was a lovely day for everyone. And if we were to do it all over, the actual planning would have started no less than one year prior. Eighteen months or more is better.

Depending on your location and what’s trending in your area, wedding dates are at a premium and venues, churches, DJs, Clerics all are booked out a long time in advance. Even the Court House in some areas needs to be booked ahead of time.

If you plan to order a wedding gown from a shop, many designer gowns take months to come in. We ordered in February and got the gown for alterations in June. Alterations took several weeks, so if there had been a problem it wouldn’t have been known until two weeks or so before the wedding.  We were holding our breath.

Friday and Saturday are the traditional picks for happy couples.  So they can be tricky to secure.

You will have a better chance booking on another day of the week, if it’s possible for family and friends. Venues often offer midweek discounts, which can mean the difference between plan A or B.

This is true for destination weddings as well. The chapel my husband and I used would’ve been about 20% less on a week day. Unfortunately we had a cruise ship to catch and the departure date made a weekend vow renewal necessary.

As you weigh your options for a date, keep in mind who has to travel or fly in for your event. Mid week flights are cheaper for them, hence the weekend wedding is also better for many of them.


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